This will be the new iPhone that Apple will present in September

One more September, Apple would continue to be faithful to its appointment: a new iPhone every 12 months with which to serve the most satisfied customers in the market (although in recent records, Samsung has managed to tie the Cupertino brand in this field). The manufacturer also strictly complies with two launching rhythms on the iPhone: the revolutionary , which incorporates innovations of draft in the terminal, and the incremental one, which simply improves what is present in terms of performance or that hardly incorporates any innovation to serve as a hook. According to the latest rumors and leaks, the iPhone 11 that we will see in a few weeks, on September 10, would be in this second group, the incremental improvements.

What can you expect from this new model? The first thing to clarify is that Apple would present not one, but several models of the terminal, following the strategy outlined in the previous keynote . In this sense, it is expected that the manufacturer presents a new version of its successful iPhone XR that, while maintaining a lower price, would again incorporate an LCD screen as well as wireless charging, but the terminal, like the rest of the new range, It will incorporate a considerable improvement in the performance of your FaceID facial unlocking system.

‘Revolutionary’ antenna

When it comes to Apple, you always have to be careful when establishing ratings after keynotes since, in many cases, some improvements may seem minor, but they have much more scope than it seems. This could be applied to the new antenna that, according to the prestigious analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, would equip the new iPhone: this new antenna would allow a much higher indoor coverage , which would result in a longer battery life of the device.

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Those of Tim Cook would like to give an additional twist to the cameras of the device and, in this case, they would affect the top model of the range, which would have a triple optic , following the trend of its rivals in the market. It is not known for sure what the real impact on performance will be since in the iPhone, the software has a special role in the field of photography and this Apple has demonstrated with the camera of the iPhone XR and its simple optics.

Rumors also suggest that Apple will continue betting on OLED screens in its superior models (with the exception of the successor of the XR) and the bad news for those who yearned to finally unify connectors: the manufacturer will continue to provide a Lightning connector to its device, delaying the jump to USB-C for 2020. Of course, Kuo advances that the new iPhone will come with adapters in the box to facilitate things to those who already have home computers with USB-C (MacBook Pro or iPad Pro).


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