Instagram tips to get more out of IGTV

IGTV, the Instagram tool for uploading videos in larger formats, has not achieved the massive success the platform had planned. However, after making multiple modifications and improvements, the social network has finally made IGTV grow and improve its reach … or at least, remains committed to it.

As it did not achieve its massive implementation, Instagram has always tried to educate the creators about the use of its tool, even by launching specific courses. Now, in addition, the platform has shared specific tips to improve IGTV performance based on the success story of one of the most popular accounts, @Thrillist.

Thrillist is an account that produces content about travel and food that has achieved great popularity in IGTV, improving the performance of videos and experiencing a growth of up to 29 times the figures recorded only six months ago.


Noah Keil and Jackie Freiberg, in charge of Thrillist, point out that one of the great advantages they have had when using the IGTV platform is that, as soon as it was launched, they decided to risk testing it and adapting to it the video content they already had. By experimenting with the videos and observing what they liked the most, they were able to know better how to operate with this tool, acquiring a competitive advantage.

Thrillist members also mention that they have gained more interaction in less polished videos. Initially, the account only published very produced and elaborated videos. However, they soon realized that the public preferred more authentic content recorded with the mobile.

In addition, in Thrillist, they also avoid using very perfect and produced images, since they have discovered that users relate them to advertising and do not interact so much with the content. That is why they suggest that both the IGTV promotional image and the video description have a very simple and casual look.

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Finally, those in charge of this account point out some important aspects to consider how to base the hours of publication on the schedule of our audience and add subtitles for those who enjoy watching the videos without sound.

The advice offered by Instagram and Thriller can be very useful to have a general idea of ​​how to treat IGTV content to improve our reach. However, in case you want to expand your knowledge about this tool, you can always do more research at IGTV Video School.


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