PCs are made as much or more ‘smart’ than smartphones

IFA, the technology fair that is held every year in Berlin at this time, is the start-up of all the machinery by all companies in the sector for the coming Christmas. Although in future articles I will review some of the innovations that have been presented, today I want to dwell on the fact that more and more PCs incorporate new intelligent functionalities, to resemble and even surpass the most powerful smartphones.

This is what a Chinese company, which bought the IBM computer division a few years ago, in 2005, and also IBM servers, in 2014, and also acquired the Motorola mobile phone brand a few years ago, has proposed to do: “ turn your products into smart , ‘smart’, with technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) itself or the one we already have above as 5G . And with the goal of making life easier for users. ”

Intelligence and connectivity

I speak of Lenovo, which in Berlin has unveiled new smarter devices for homes, in addition to laptops, augmented reality systems and mobile devices, all designed to provide “smarter technology to all people.” The term “smart” is used to indicate innovation and ability to break the rules and exceed established limits, but it has also become a synonym for connectivity.


Focusing on laptops or PCs, in the premium range called Yoga, the Chinese company is committed to artificial intelligence. The new models presented in IFA, Yoga C940 and Yoga S740 have exclusive intelligent features that adapt to the needs of users, such as the Super-Resolution function to improve video up to 1080p FHD in Windows Media Player3, and the Q- Control (named for the key combination used to activate the mode), which has the potential to dynamically increase the battery life of the PC when Smart Cooling Mode is enabled (Intelligent Cooling Mode) enhanced by AI to monitor the thermal properties of the device and improve fan control. Also noteworthy is the Modern Standby function, which allows Lenovo Yoga laptops to perform tasks in the background, such as receiving emails when in idle mode, to instantly activate sleep mode as a smartphone does.


New features

Smart features are also available on the new Yoga laptops or PCs in the United States, United Kingdom and Germany through Amazon Alexa voice assistants, such as lock screen support or Lock Screen Support, to talk to Alexa when you have the lid open the laptop and the computer is in lock or sleep mode and will respond instantly, with pop-up messages that appear at the bottom of the screen; or update the visual experience for the smart home (Updated Smart Home Visuals; in addition to multi-language support to speak Alexa in several languages ​​without changing the settings (currently only available in English and German).

Additional smart features include an IR camera that can detect a person’s absence after a few seconds and allow instant session closure. If a video is watched and the user moves away for a few minutes, the PCs are smart enough to stop the video and return to where it had stayed when the user returns. And during video calls, the background can be blurred to prevent the appearance of our family or pets during an online meeting.

But not only Lenovo’s new laptops become smarter or smarter. Also, the Chinese firm wants to transform home smart with its newly released products, such as its two new tablets equipped with the assistant of Google: Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab and Lenovo Smart Tab M8, which become centres for the smart home, with features immersive and hands-free and the Google Assistant Ambient Mode.

Another day we will talk about the new Lenovo Smart Display 7 with Google Assistant, and the new Motorola One Zoom smartphone and moto e6 Plus, in addition to the new augmented reality (AR) experience for smartphones, MARVEL Dimensions of Heros, which only It is possible to enjoy with Lenovo Mirage AR glasses.

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