Package Locker v Package Room – Which is Better?

Delivery management is a significant pain point, especially for those dealing with warehousing and logistics, and, even more so, for someone managing your building or apartment. Storing and accepting incoming packages and parcels is a regular thing in most residential complexes today. So, a quick solution that renders efficient package management is the package locker. Now that’s very different from a package room. Let’s explore the two. 

Introducing package lockers and rooms

Package locker

Package locker

A package locker is a popular method of storage, pickup and intake for your packages. As property managers, you need to get with installing package lockers in a convenient location. And this most probably is the lobby or reception area of the building or complex. In some cases, apartment units can have independent and designated locker compartments. Alternatively, lockers can be unassigned. In this, recipients are informed of the locker number where the courier package is stored. 

Given the pace of technological innovation, lockers have placed catchup. They, too, are designed with Evolution 3.0. Today’s modern lockers are electronic and operate through a digital PIN or code. No longer do you need to carry a bunch of keys rattling through your denim pockets. Additionally, the couriers can easily open the lockers using their designated PIN. 

Package Room

The term is pretty self-explanatory! It is a dedicated room or area within the building complex where all the couriers can drop the packages. And the residents enter the room for the pickup. Also, they make use of existing space. If you have an idle or unused space in your complex, converting that into a package room makes for an excellent move. Also, you can manage it through a traditional access control system. And these can be one of fobs or keycards. Plus, you can go for specialized solutions, wherein the couriers enter a designated delivery PIN and residents enter their unique PIN.

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The similarities between them

At the outset, both package lockers and package rooms are efficient delivery management solutions. They make for an ideal step up to the traditional package management systems that involve leaving the parcels with a concierge or in an insecure vestibule. 

The objective of both these systems is to:

  • Ensure convenient courier access
  • Keep the parcels safe and secure behind a locked door
  • Enable residents to collect the items at any time
  • Streamline the process by cutting down the building staff involvement

In the general scheme of things, package rooms are a better and efficient solution than package lockers. With that said, despite serving the same purpose, package lockers have some drawbacks. These are below. 

Advantages of package lockers

24/7 Access

With package lockers, residents get access 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year. This feature renders out-and-about flexibility for the users. Also, the carriers need not worry about the time of delivery. Once done, they get safely stored into the package locker until collection. So, users can collect the parcel whenever convenient to them.

Deliveries are accessed electronically

All the deliveries to the package lockers are logged in electronically. This aspect ensures a chain of accountability. Think of this as an audit trail for your courier packages, if you may. It reduces the occurrence of missing parcels and any mishandlings. The result is an accurate delivery process.  

Notification of the delivery

Yet another benefit of package lockers is that customers get notified once their couriers arrive at the housing complex. And the best part? Residents can now track the delivery progress from their homely confines using their smartphones. All the recipients need is a specially-developed app that connects to the package locker. The recipient shall then get a push notification, text message and email with the unique QR code and PIN. Think of this as omnichannel intimation. Using the code and PIN, the user can then access their delivery. 

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Automated courier acceptance

Often, packages require a photo or a signature as proof that the item was delivered. However, someone can get to the courier before the recipient. With package lockers, that risk gets mitigated. The personalized service through a unique QR code and pin provides an element of added security. 

Advantages of package rooms

Space Optimization

All that package rooms require is a large open space. And you can install the bulky hardware. Another benefit is that package rooms get created in an already-existing room or area within the complex. If you have an unused closet area or office, you can convert that into a package room. 


You need not purchase costly lockers. All you need is to buy shelving and an access control system. Alternatively, you can install an intercom system. Do this, and you are good to go. 

Minimal effort in setup and maintenance

The setup can involve the placement of shelves in the room and then topped by a security camera for safety. In all, the room is self-maintained. Doing so saves considerable time and money for the property staff. 


The shelving is adjustable and can easily cater to changing delivery trends. For instance, if the residents tend to order extra-large or bulky items, all that is required is a wider spacing between the shelves. Also, the order frequency for such parcels tends to be sporadic! So, shelving makes for an ideal solution. With that said, package rooms are flexible. You can add or remove shelves as deemed necessary for maximum efficiency.

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To cut to the chase

An efficient package delivery management process is the need of the hour! Whether you opt for a package room or a package locker, you need to look at the holistic picture. The package locker system offers a win-win for both the building staff and the customers. It does so by rendering security and convenience. The recipients need not worry about being present at their residence or office at the time of delivery. 


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