How to Become a QA Engineer?

Are you interested in becoming a QA engineer but aren’t quite sure where to start? We get it: Starting a new career path can be confusing. But the good news is that starting a career in QA testing is much easier than it sounds.

In fact, as long as you follow this guide and the courses we’ll refer you to, you’ll have no issues starting your new career. So keep on reading to find how to become a QA engineer and make a change in your future.

Table of Contents:

  • What do I need to become a QA Engineer?
  • How to search for work?
  • Starting with the right course
  • FAQs

What do I need to become a QA Engineer?

Do you have a computer? What about an internet connection? If you answered yes to both of these: Congratulations, you can become a QA engineer.

Something that it’s all too easy to forget is that nobody was born with expertise on any topic. And while QA testing can sound overwhelming it’s more straightforward than it seems. In fact: You can pick up the skills in just 9 weeks right here.

QA testing is easy to pick up but challenging and rewarding in the long run. So even for someone with no coding experience, learning the basics is perfectly doable. It all comes down to making the choice and sticking to the right courses.

How to search for work?

Let’s assume that you already have the skills and completed your training: Where should you begin to look for work?

There are various ways to look at this situation, but let’s go over the biggest question first: Will you need a degree? The answer thankfully is a solid no.

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Degrees can of course go a long way, and nobody is ever too prepared. But QA testing is an area where practical experience matters a lot, and that means that companies will hire people as long as their portfolio backs them up.

To build a portfolio without a degree your best bet is courses and bootcamps with a practical focus. A bootcamp has one clear focus: Making sure its participants get a job. This means that they have practical lessons both for interviews and building a portfolio, and this will make a difference when applying for a job.

Starting with the right course

If you want to know how to become a QA engineer the best option is to get started on Test Pro’s QA Bootcamp.

This 9-week online bootcamp is geared towards training QA manual testers for real work regardless of their preexisting skills. There are no previous requirements needed to enroll, and thanks to its practical focus it is designed to land its enrollees a job as soon as possible.

Whether you take the course online or in person, you’ll get the required skills and certifications to begin working at QA in just 9 weeks. And with companies like Career Karma backing the bootcamp as one of the top 6 tech courses online you know it’s a good investment

So in short: Becoming a QA engineer is as simple as starting the right course today. And whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced programmer, the practical focus of the Test Pro QA bootcamp will help you build a portfolio to get hired soon.


Can I really start without previous coding knowledge?

Yes. Test Pro’s course is fully meant for people without any tech background, so there’s nothing to worry about.

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How much does a QA engineer make?

On average you can expect to find work in the $30-$50/hour range.

What’s the demand for QA engineers?

Very high. QA testing is needed in any business that uses software for its service or products, which basically means the entire industry.


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