Essential Things Every New Gaming YouTuber Needs

If you are someone who loves gaming and are credited as a pro-gamer in your friend’s circle, you must have had the thought to start your own gaming YouTube channel. The idea might have appeared a bit far-fetched at the time however today is your lucky day and this article is going to push you into pursuing this seemingly dream-like passion.

We have put together a list of the essential things that are needed for you to showcase your gaming skills like a pro on your YouTube channel. 

Gaming youtuber

High-Speed Internet Connection

The relationship between gaming and players has evolved severely in the past few decades. From waiting in queues outside gaming zones and video game stores to be able to play heavy level, multiplayer games from the comfort of our bedrooms, we have all grown up and so has the nature of our games. Today, we do not require huge setups to play games or transform our basement into gaming arenas, instead, all we need is some gaming equipment and a high-class internet connection. As most games are going online now, we must have sound internet download and upload speeds. 

One common mistake that many novice players make is that they don’t understand the importance of both upload and download speeds. Upload internet speed is sometimes more important as the impact of your action majorly depends on your internet’s upload speed. Get yourself connected to a connection that is gaming certified – Spectrum plans offer upload speeds as high as 35 Mbps and download speeds as high as 940 Mbps without any obligatory contracts or data caps. Cutting it short, having a reliable and stable internet connection is a must for any aspiring gaming YouTuber.

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Some of the gaming YouTubers rarely show their faces or do not show it at all, although if you wish to become the next PewDiePie, you need to put some money on a good webcam. A good webcam helps you record your facial reactions while playing an investing game or you can also record your face and add it in some gaming clips. For the streaming and gaming world, a webcam is one of the most essential things.

If you are low on budget and cannot purchase a 1000 USD DSLR, you can just buy a reliable webcam. Your decision should depend on various factors although one of the top reasons should be the frequency of using it because all gaming videos do not require being face recorded. 

A key to becoming a YouTuber is, to be honest about your reactions with your audience and so if you are high on playing survival horror games, you should most definitely get your facial expressions recorded. Your subscribers do not subscribe to learn about your gaming skills, rather they want to know how you tackle certain situations and how you feel while tackling them.


What is a gaming video without audio? Nothing exciting. About a gaming video clip, audio is the most engaging and important part. A poor audio type can make your subscribers unsubscribe from your YouTube channel in seconds. One thing that you must know is that every day hundreds of new YouTube channels come forward to target your audience and if you fail to keep your audience engaged, you might just fail to keep your subscriber number intact.

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When you decide to start a YouTube channel, especially a gaming channel, you have to get a good rode microphone. Your gaming commentary is going to set you apart from the rest of the gaming YouTubers. Although you need to decide whether you want to be a rogue and rugged gaming YouTuber or a sweet and funny one. Microphones like Zalman ZM-Mic1 offer such audio precision that background sounds and mouse clicks might also get picked up. 

Game recording [game recording software and capture card]

This might come as a surprise for beginners but you need to invest in a game capture card if you want to stream your gaming content onto your YouTube channel.

Game recording software is needed to record your in-game footage. One of the biggest mistakes that novice gaming YouTubers make is to point a camera at the computer screen to record the gaming movements. Screen recording is a must-buy for all the gaming YouTuber, no matter the level. The type of game recording equipment depends on the type of game you want to stream on your channel.

To record games on your computer screen, you might just need a good quality software like Open Broadcaster Software or OBS. OBS is free software that can be downloaded from This software is used to live stream content on YouTube as well as other sites such as Twitch. tv.

Gaming chair

A real gamer knows the value of a gaming chair. An intense gaming session rarely ends in one or two hours and without realizing it, you end up playing games for hours. Thus, you must be careful about your posture and it should be comfortable and healthy. A professional would tell you that a gaming chair should be built on the aspects of ergonomics and the armrest and backrest must ensure the comfort and ease of the gamer.

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Gaming desk

A gaming desk might also be taken for granted but it should not be. You must make sure that your gaming desk is spacious enough to house all your gaming and recording equipment. I would never say that you should buy an expensive desk although I would say that your desk should be big and adjacent to the height of your chair for better posture.


Once you have these basic and essential gaming recording equipment, you can start recording your gaming session and upload it on your YouTube channel. After recording, you should take some time to learn to edit as well so that your subscribers get a refined version of your gameplay.

We hope that our article helps you become a great gaming YouTuber!


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