5 Online Marketing Trends For 2019 You Should Know

Being up to date with the online marketing trends of 2019 is very important since it allows the company to observe, listen and make changes in the direction of the sector. The most recent studies indicate that the use of mobile devices is dominating digital spaces, so the practices around this sector are increasingly relevant. Although we do not believe it, the audio support (speakers, hands-free …) is in full swing and its users are constantly growing, so that the products have to adapt to these new needs.

The speed with which technology advances does not give a break and demands that every marketing strategy takes into account the latest trends, in addition to the practices associated with it. In this article, we will explore some of the novelties that will mark the 2019 market according to

The mobile, driver of digital media

The mobile is currently considered the main engine of growth as there are more and more users of such support and also, due to the average daily time they devote to it. The use of other digital media decreases due to technological improvements made to mobile phones, which allow more versatile use.

Despite the progress, studies claim that the main use of phones still calls, followed by the use of social networks.

The voice is booming

Because voice support is still the most used, more and more companies are concerned about improving it based on the online marketing trends of the moment. Thanks to smart speakers, the accuracy is increasing, thus increasing the number of users in an excessive way. Since the birth of the Smartphone had not seen such a rapid adaptation.

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It is curious to note that the most common use of this technology is a millennial man of a certain age and high level of income. Changes in demography must be represented in this type of technology that is booming.

The growth of electronic commerce continues

The growing trend continues around electronic commerce, it is increasingly booming, surpassing retail. This growth will continue to increase until the market is dominated, with the food industry experiencing the most change, which is why companies are making numerous adaptations of their companies through online marketing techniques.

The mobile is the most used platform to make such purchases, thus being the engine of online commerce.

The growth of Chinese companies

The different studies carried out affirm that there has been a change of tendency around the dominant companies of the market. There has been a great change from 2013 to the present, during that period they have gone from being the most important and influential American companies to be the Chinese.

What Chinese companies do is cover a large number of categories with a great depth around the variability of products offered. Alibaba, for example, has a strong presence in the audiovisual, technology, videogames and online video sectors. It has an R&D budget of 15 billion dollars with which it develops its own next-generation technologies, and its Tmall platform dominates the Chinese market with 51% of total sales in 2017.

The big investment in online marketing trends 2019

The increasing use of online support causes companies to have to invest a lot of money in mobile advertising since it is expected that the cost of online advertising in 2018 will exceed that of television. Media like Google and Facebook are the kings of advertising in those media and are expected to continue to dominate the market.

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