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The Cord-cutting movement is getting more and more evident in different states of the US. The reason behind it is the ever-increasing monthly charges of cable TV and the inconvenience that comes with it. Consumers are more drawn towards streaming platform because of two main reasons. These streaming platforms offer more convenience and are cheaper than your average cable service provider. You don’t have to get in a contract. There are no separate charges for the equipment. On top, it is a lot economical as compared to a basic cable TV plan. 

TV providers understand this trend and know they have to do something about it. Therefore, many providers are giving customers an option to ppv live stream along with the traditional cable. This duo might cost more but the number of channels and streaming features kind of justifies the price. 

In this article, we will discuss all those providers offering Live TV and streaming together. 

Watch live TV online


Mediacom is a top-notch provider in the US with a service span across 20 states. It is known for Mediacom internet providing high-speed internet up to 1 Gigabit but also provides TV and digital phone service. You can bundle all three services to get a discount on the plan. There are many different bundles you can customize. The best thing about Mediacom is its partnership with TiVo. Xtream TV plan combines the variety of cable TV and convenience of streaming in a single platform. The Xtream TiVo box is one of its kind. It has a library of on-demand content that has thousands of movies and TV shows to stream whenever you like. Xtream TV app is available on PlayStore and Apple Store. It can be downloaded on your smartphones and other smart devices. Thus you get the ultimate TV experience on your mobile phone directly. 

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Spectrum is one of the top three providers in the United States with services across 44 states. Right after the merger of Charter with Bright House Network and Time Warner Cable, it rose to new heights. Spectrum is a modern-day cable provider. The extensive network of coaxial cables is spread throughout the country and providers blazing-fast internet, HD cable, and digital phone service. Spectrum Cable is different from all major providers. It offers all the good things on cable TV on a limited monthly budget. On top, you can bundle all three services to get discounts on the monthly bill. Spectrum offers cable TV offer like never before with its extensive library of on-demand titles. The on-demand service is free and does not cost a penny. In addition to that, Spectrum does offer Spectrum TV Choice plan for internet-only customers. It gets you all the popular channels you need in a single plan. You can customize the channel lineup and get everything that you watch, nothing extra. With this option, Spectrum is making waves in the streaming market. However, to get Spectrum streaming you must have Spectrum internet. Nevertheless, all plans are without any contract and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 


RCN is only available in six states with major services in New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. RCN is a great provider to get high-definition Live-TV and streaming at an affordable monthly price. You can get all the popular channels including Comedy Central, Bravo, C-span, Hallmark, TNT, Oxygen, HGTV, and SyFy. RCN lets you stream live cable TV from the comfort of your couch. With RCN2go, you can stream all your favorite TV shows and other channels directly from your smartphone. You can even get all the premium channels like HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax. 

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Sling TV 

Although Sling TV is not a provider but a streaming service, it is important to mention this service wherever streaming and Live TV are being discussed. The only downside is that you might miss some local channels but overall it has all the important channels. You can tailor your channel lineup and pay for what you watch, nothing extra. There are three different plans. All plans have a good number of sports channels to get exclusive action from your favorite games. 

Final Verdict

No matter what streaming service you get, it is crucial to have high-speed internet. Once you have that, go with the service that is reliable and offers more flexibility. 


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