The Dell Ling Yue 13 7000 pen alloy laptop will go on sale starting August 23

We have seen several high-end laptops of different brands, available in various pricing options. Currently, Dell has introduced the Ling Yue 13 7000 pen alloy, equipped with the latest Intel processor and the NVIDIA MX 250 graphics card.

As the reports suggest, the Dell Ling Yue 13 7000 pen alloy is equipped with a 13.3-inch narrow-frame FHD screen. It is a portable laptop that only weighs 0.99 kg and is 14.9 mm thick. The 13-inch frame with FHD screen comes with a brightness of 300nit and an NTSC color range of 73%.

The notebook ” claims to be equipped with the latest Intel processor ” which is rumored to be a 14 nm ” five-digit nomenclature ” processor although the company has not confirmed anything. In addition, the laptop will come with the graphics card that is MX 250 from NVIDIA with 8 GB of memory and an optional 1 TB SSD.

Dell Lingyue Yue 13 7000 Feather Alloy also promotes a USB 3.1 interface, an HDMI interface, a full-featured Type C interface and a micro-SD interface. However, the company has not yet confirmed that it is rumored that the laptop will be on sale on August 23. No further details have been revealed.

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