Tame Your Picture Overload With These Google Photos Hacks

It is unavoidable. Any phone on the market allows you to take high quality photographs with minimal effort. Take out of the pocket, aim, shoot and go. Moreover, we all like to immortalize the good times to remember them in the future , or simply to know that they are there. The following are the some hacks to how to arrange photos in Google Photos.

But as the days go by, the phone’s memory fills with photos and videos, apps and games, and in the end there comes a time when our mobile device does not give more of itself. What do we do with all those memories?

Today we are going to see everything we can do with Google Photos to not run out of space on our smartphone so we can continue recording videos and taking pictures of the best moments of our trips and days of enjoyment and enjoyment.

google photos

Free and unlimited space

If you still do not know Google Photos or have only heard about it briefly, your cover letter is unbeatable. This is a free Google service that allows you to save our photos and videos in the cloud. Free and with unlimited space . Thus, we will not run out of space on our smartphone and we will have our memories safe even if we lose or damage our mobile device.

As usual, Google Photos can be installed on Android and iOS devices (iPhone and iPad). Once installed, and after giving the corresponding permissions, it will be in charge of copying the multimedia content (photos and videos) in the cloud to have it at our disposal.

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Otherwise, we will also have access to Google Photos from the browser. And if you also want to make an online copy of your photos and videos saved on PC or Mac, you can do so by downloading the Backup and sync app , which used to be the Google Drive desktop app.

Search and organize

One of the advantages of Google Photos is that, after installing the app on your mobile, you no longer have to do anything else, since it is in charge of synchronizing the content via the Internet automatically .

Are you worried about not finding your photos and videos? In the app you will find them easily. What’s more, you can search for keywords and the images that fit will appear. In the official help they put as examples beach, dog or Paris. Google Photos automatically tags your photos so you can find what you’re looking for without having to tag them yourself.

However, by selecting one or more photographs you can add your own tagsor change existing ones to customize Google Photos to your liking.

Edit your photos: Google Photos

I wish all the images went well at the first. Sometimes we have to go to the development room to do some magic. In this case, Google Photos has filters and other options to correct and improve the appearance of a photo.

Select a photo, click on Edit and voila, we will have a selection of Instagram style filters to improve an image. We can even regulate the intensity of the filters by pressing several times. It is also possible to crop or rotate a photo or even change internal information, such as date and time .

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And of course, we can delete photographs and videos that we no longer want by sending them to the Trash . If you change your mind within 60 days, you can retrieve the contents of the Trash from Menu> Trash> Restore .

Share with the others

We have already seen that Google Photos solves the problem of space on our smartphone and that, in addition, it serves to organize our photos on their own and to fix them if they need to go through the editing table.

Another possibility is to share our photos with others, taking advantage of the fact that they are uploaded to the Internet. By default, the content of our Google Photos space is private, only we will see it . But if we want, we can share photos or entire albums .

As simple as selecting one or more photos, click on Share> Create link and send that link by email, instant messaging or on social networks.


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