Google Chrome Adds Protection For Downloads, So You Can Activate It

If you are a Google Chrome browser user, something normal since it is the most used worldwide, there is good news for you. This is because it has been known that the protection offered by this development increases considerably against threats that exist on the Internet. We show what is the addition that the Mountain View company offers.

Specifically, the novelty that has been announced for this development is that it includes the most powerful protection platform that Google has, called the Advanced Protection Program. This work is especially focused on protecting the accounts of the North American firm and adds security against possible attacks by third parties both in terms of data protection and in terms of downloads made from the Internet.

An example of what we say is that thanks to the new protection that protects users who use Google Chrome from downloads of files that are potentially dangerous because they may contain malware (especially as it relates to the execution of processes automatic ones that infect the payer). That is, the options that already existed in Gmail are transferred to the company’s browser, which has detected a change in hacker behaviour.

Danger notices in Google Chrome browser
One of the good details of the arrival of Advanced Protection Program to the development of Google is that when a download that is potentially dangerous is executed, warnings are now displayed that indicate the danger that this can entail doing so that it is the user himself who Make the decision to stop the process. Even, in some cases of extreme severity, the download will be automatically blocked to prevent risks. Therefore, the company led by Sundar Pichai indicates that your browser is the safest that exists if used with an associated Google account.

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How this new protection is activated in Google Chrome
Well, this is something that from today it is possible to do it and, luckily, it can not be easier to get it. To achieve this, you simply have to activate Google Chrome sync (in relation to accounts). This automatically integrates the Advanced Protection Program, which works directly from the servers of the Mountain View firm and does not add slowness in regular browsing. By the way, updates of the new tool as indicated in the source of the information will be applied without the user having to do anything at all.


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